CloudByte launches datacentre storage application for cloud service providers; what it offers


Bangalore and California-based cloud storage firm, CloudByte Inc., has launched ElastiStor 1.1 to meet the storage demands of enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) – making it easy to host multiple applications with diverse workloads in datacentres.

CloudByte, which raised $2.1 million from Nexus Venture Partners and Kae Capital in June last year, claims ElastiStor 1.1 enables CSPs and enterprises to custom-build their storage infrastructure. It also ensures on-demand storage provisioning, thus helping them cut costs to a large extent.

CloudByte's ElastiStor helps replace fragmented storage islands in datacentres with a single extensible shared storage platform. This capability allows customers to cut down their storage capex and opex while lowering their management overhead.


Set up in 2011 by a team of five – Srivibhavan Balaram, Umasankar Mukkara, Shailesh Bam, Felix Xavier and Sunil Navalgi, CloudByte is a next-generation storage product company headquartered in Campbell in the US and its engineering team based in Bangalore.

"We are constantly working towards making storage a lot more intelligent, flexible, fully shared, easily manageable and ready to handle thousands of applications and their varying performance demands with a single click," said Felix Xavier, CTO and founder of CloudByte.

According to the company, ElastiStor's single, extensible shared storage platform can replace legacy solutions' dedicated storage islands and help clients save 80-90 per cent cost over a period of three years. It also delivers storage provisioning as a service by automating resource allocation, based on an application's performance demands. ElastiStor cluster, with hundreds of applications across multiple sites, can be managed from a single web-based console.


The console also allows admin to monitor, manage and control storage resource usage at application-level granularity within the shared storage. With zero-proprietary hardware, ElastiStor frees enterprises from any proprietary lock-in, enabling them to custom-build infrastructure based on their requirements.

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)

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