Real time video editing app Game Your Video claims 850K downloads

Game Your Video, a social video app that helps edit and share videos in real time, has crossed 850,000 downloads since its launch a couple of months ago, its founder told Techcircle.

Developed by Udupi (Karnataka)-based Global Delight Technologies Pvt Ltd, the app also claims to have bagged a total of 85,000 paid customers.

Game Your Video is one of the products selected for Techcircle's DEMO India programme held in Bangalore last week. The product won people's choice award at the event.


"Game Your Video was released in Jan 2013 on iTunes App Store and has got a total of 850,000 downloads till date. It is a free app. However, it has couple of in-app purchases," said M Ramachandra Acharya, senior VP, Global Delight.

The company is planning to extend the product to other platforms after establishing the model and concept on Apple products.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Robosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd founded by Rohith Bhat, a computer engineering who graduated from NMAM Institute of Technology in Udupi, Global Delight has developed four more products targeting Apple customers. Its Boom app is a volume booster aimed at addressing the low audio issue for Mac desktops. The second product, Voila, is an all-in-one solution for screen capture and editing needs for Mac products. It lets users capture the contents from other apps, edit the contents, organise them and prepare a presentation.

Global Delight's third product, Camera Plus Pro, provides a total solution for users' mobile photography needs. This app sports innovative features to capture, edit, manage and share photos and videos. The company has also developed another app, Photo Delight for iPad that can colour-splash your photos with practically no effort at all.

On the revenue model, Acharya said, "Currently, we are focusing on getting more users on board. We are working on building a social network around the app. At the preset, the app already has a couple of in-app purchases and we plan to give out additional features along with some more in-apps to earn some revenue."

Acharya claimed that the firm has already achieved breakeven and is now looking for VC funding. "We set up the company with internal funding. Now, we are working on improving the key metrics, getting the viral mechanism in place and building the network. For that we are seeking next level of funding over the next 3-6 months," Acharya added.

Mobile video space has been red hot for the last few years. After Instagram's billion dollar buyout in the mobile photo space, the investor circle is looking for a great idea in the mobile video arena.

As per Gartner, globally there were 429 million mobile video users in 2011 which is projected to grow to 2.4 billion by 2016. The global mobile content market is expected to reach $18.6 billion in 2017 from $6.5 billion in 2011.

How Game Your Video works

You pick a video from your library and play it. When it is playing you poke any of the various effect buttons (things like jitter, shake, spin, RGB splitting, or speed tweaks) located on the bottom of the screen to start the effect. The video keeps playing with the effect applied on the fly. If you tap it again, the effect stops. If you don't like the effect, you can stop the video, drag back to that point in the timeline until the cursor is on top of the effect highlight, and tap a button to remove it.

(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)

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