Facebook Gifts now allows Indian users to gift to US contacts

8 Apr, 2013

Facebook has launched Facebook Gifts for the Indian market, a service which allows users to send real gifts to their friends and families in US.

For using the service, user have to find a contact based in the US on Facebook. In the profile, there is an option "Give Gift" on the top. The categories available are food, wine, apartment and bar, flowers, baby/kids and more. After zeroing in on a gift, you have to select a digital card which you can personalise with a message. Then you proceed to the payment gateway. As of now, only credit cards work as a payment mode.


The recipient will receive an e-mail as well as a notification on Facebook. When they click on the notification, they can then view the item and read the card. The users can also opt for posting the gift on the profile of the recipient. In the service users don't require the address of the recipient. Facebook asks the recipient for the address for delivery of the gift. Shipping cost also varies according to the price of the gift. As far as delivery of the gifts is concerned, most gifts are shipped within 24 hours and might take 3 to 5 business days.

The service also allows a preview of the gift for the recipient. Recipient can also swap the gift for an item of equal or lesser value. Recently, Facebook launched this service in the US and it was announced that the service would be launched globally.

(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)