Meet the Indian ventures picked for Start-Up Chile's new accelerator batch

Start-Up Chile, an accelerator run by the Chilean government, has picked 100 companies for its seventh accelerator programme, of 1,570 applications, as per an official blog post. This time one in sixteen firms hit the jackpot against one in thirteen who made it in the last batch.

Indian startups that made it to the seventh batch comprised the third-biggest group after those coming from the US (19 per cent) and the host country Chile (18 per cent). The official statement says around 10 per cent are Indian startups, pushing Argentina to the fourth spot (in sixth batch Indian startups were fourth in the pecking order) which would mean around 10 such startups, though we could spot only eight of them.

Startups from various countries, including Ukraine, Tanzania, Estonia and Romania were also selected in the new batch. The accelerator bootstraps the startups in Chile and typically provides $40,000 (over Rs 22 lakh) of equity-free seed capital and visa for one year.

The startups come from varied industries including IT and enterprise software (20 per cent), e-commerce (15 per cent), mobile and wireless (10 per cent) and education (10 per cent). The remaining categories include social media, healthcare and biotechnology, energy and clean tech, social enterprise and tourism.

Here's a look at the Indian startups in the new batch:

Bitrockr: It is a startup which enables users to track and analyse all their personal data (mobile and PC) in one platform.

FITH Media Pvt. Ltd: It is a mobile game developer from India. It was started in January 2013 and has already launched four games. It claims to have about 50,000 downloads on Google Play.

MicroSolar: MicroSolar develops low-cost solar electronics aiming to disrupt the market for small-scale solar installations with its patent-pending technology. It claims its inverters delivers comparable efficiency that costs just a quarter of its competition, and offers plug-n-play implementation.

Motorpaneer: It helps car buyers decide while buying a car. It also bargains, select accessories and follows up after booking for the buyer.

Plasticity Recycling: A recycling machine company, Plasticity has Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) that recycle plastic waste and turn it into food-grade pellets, which are used to make plastic bottles.

RxAnalytics: The startup has tapped the healthcare space. It enables individuals to optimse training, supplementation and nutrition using technology.

Sentropi: It is an Ahmedabad-based startup which is offering online fraud detection/prevention and account takeover protection solutions for online businesses.

TableGrabber: It is a real-time online restaurant reservation system, similar to airlines, hotels and movies. It helps diners get confirmed table reservations and book tables at the restaurants. It is also a Microsoft Accelerator startup.


As of now, we could only find these, but keep track of this space since we will update the list as soon as we figure out the rest. Health Assist, Floost, SkyBulls, Crispify, KeeZILLA and My Travel Genie are some of the Indian startups that were part of the accelerator programme in the earlier batch.

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