Techcircle Runway to showcase 5 handpicked mobile-focussed startups; get ready for fireworks on stage!

24 Jun, 2013

tc-mobile-forumEver wondered what it is like to make a presentation before a crowd of your peers who know exactly what you are talking about? Or ever had a Q&A session so intense that it made you revisit the focus for your company? Well that is exactly what you have in store for at Techcircle Runway, one of the sessions at the upcoming Techcircle Mobile Forum 2013.

You may be asking what the Runway is. It is basically a 'special' session (and we stress on the word special) at the Techcircle Mobile Forum where five handpicked mobile apps/products/services will be showcased. The startups will make presentations on their products, innovation, market opportunity, business models and how they plan to disrupt existing markets to create value.

This will be followed by a live feedback and Q&A with a panel of jury members. Since the jury will include Rahul Chandra, MD, Helion Venture Partners and Badri Sanjeevi, CFO of People Group and CEO of Mauj Mobile, presenters will have their work cut out for them. Who knows, if the companies that are going to be showcased at the Runway are able to electrify the jury, they may end up getting funding (note that we are not promising funding of any kind).

Each presenter will be given only five minutes on the stage, and when the buzzer rings (and it will ring), he/she will have to step down from the stage, even if he/she has just started talking about how awesome the founders are and the number of degrees they have! This means they will have to make the presentations brief, precise and to the point (no room for storytelling here).

What's in it for you? Apart from the exhilarating presentations and the nerve-wracking Q&A sessions, the forum will cover areas such as what lies next for mobile commerce; how one masters the business and economics of mobile apps; innovation and traction in mobile-led entertainment products; mobile advertising; the next phase of mobile monetisation; mobile payments and mobile handsets.

Techcircle Mobile Forum, now in its second edition, will be held on June 27 in New Delhi, bringing together India's top mobile innovators, entrepreneurs and marketing heads across sectors, as well as venture capitalists and consultants, to discuss and debate new-age mobile-based products and services, and also to discover how they are changing many areas of Indian consumption and traditional business channels.

For registrations, write to:  kanika@vccircle.com or dial 0120-4171111.

Click here for more details about the event.

Note: If you have not applied to attend Techcircle Runaway or you have applied but have not been selected as a showcase company, better luck next time.