Techcircle Gadget Show Ep 3: A lowdown on Samsung Galaxy S4

31 Jul, 2013

mb300x80_02We bring to you the third episode of the 'Techcircle Gadget Show'. This time around we will be reviewing Samsung's Galaxy S4. Considering there has been a time lag between the last episode and this one, here is a quick recap of what's in store.

As part of the show, we will review one gadget (including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and more) at a time, and when we say review, we will look at its specifications, the hardware, software, the user interface, camera quality, as well as the built quality. And at the end of each episode, we will give a final verdict on the gadget.

For the same, we have come up with a 'Stash it or Trash it' section, in which we will tell you whether that particular gadget is worth stashing, or should you simply trash it. So happy watching and stay tuned for the next episode of the Techcircle Gadget Show.

P.S: You can also suggest the gadgets you want reviewed and we will review them on the show.