Meet the 9 startups picked for TLabs' fall 2013 batch; also include student entrepreneurs


TLabsTLabs, an incubator run by Times Internet Ltd (TIL), has disclosed names of 9 startups that it has picked for its Fall 2013 Batch, which started early last month. The startups comes from sectors like retail, health, media, and advertising, among others. According to the incubator, some of them have already started signing up initial (paying) customers. The incubator had picked a combined total of 7 startups in its first two batches (of which one had shut shop), and increased this number to 7 in the 3rd batch alone. With this batch, TLabs takes its portfolio count to 23.

The unique thing about the current batch is that it also includes students currently studying in colleges. TLabs typically invests around Rs 10 lakh ($15,122) for 10 per cent stake in an incubatee company.

Here is a quick look at the startups:


BetaGlide: A mobile app testing platform that allows developers to gather information in real-time about the system usage and the behavior of their app- to improve its stability and performance.

GetMeAShop: Enables offline businesses create an online storefront while providing them with an easy to manage suite of marketing tools, a basic enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) straight out of the box.

JiffStore: A mobile commerce platform that helps supermarkets to sell grocery online.


Labforth: A easy to use laboratory information management and marketing platform, which provides diagnostic centres a flexible and secure cloud based system for end to end lab and personnel management.

News in Shorts (NIS): A mobile service that delivers latest news that is summarised in 60 words. NIS hand-picks the most popular stories from various sources and provides snippets on mobile and web.

Sponsored Giveaways: A marketing platform that connects advertisers with bloggers to promote their products or services through non-cash giveaways on blogs.


VindowShop: An image recognition platform through which a user can search and buy apparel by simply clicking on pictures shared online.

Vozeal: A self-serve platform that helps video advertisers expand their reach through a network of publishers. While brands get more views on their video, the publisher can monetise content through an additional channel.

Yippster: A patent pending technology that provides digital content providers an additional payment method through telecom operator billing.


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