Apple to officially launch iPhone 5S/6 tomorrow; what can you expect?

9 Sep, 2013

The stage is set, the time is near, Apple has already sent out invitations for the same, and tomorrow the world will finally know the next iPhone. Will it be the iPhone 6? will it be iPhone 5S? After all the never-ending discussions over the past months, it will almost be a relief to finally put an end to the rumours. Although with the disappointment that was the iPhone 5 (sorry Apple fan boys!), we hope this time around Apple lives up to its name.

Here is a round up of all the rumours that have been doing the rounds. Since there is no clarity on what the next device will be called- some say iPhone 5S, some call it the iPhone 6- we have decided to simply call it the new iPhone.

iOS 7: The company already previewed the same earlier this year, and will most probably officially launch the next version of Apple's mobile phone operating system tomorrow.

More colors: Taking a cue from Nokia's Lumia range of smartphones and the recently launched Motorola Moto X, the new iPhone will most probably be launched in a range of colours. We think the company will provide all the colours it currently offers for the iPod Touch.

Fingerprint sensor: Apart from the pass code and the pattern locks, the company could also add fingerprint recognition as a security option for unlocking the device (will be cool if it happens).

Two iPhones: Instead of launching a single device, which is the norm for Apple, the company can launch two of them- a regular high-priced iPhone model and a cheaper version targeting the mid-price segment.

13 MP rear camera & full HD front camera: The new iPhone can also come with a 13 MP camera (experts argue it will be 12 MP, but we are the ever optimist) that will also offer Ultra 4K recording. In addition, the front facing camera will also receive a bump and will offer full high definition video recording (1080p) at 30 frames per second.

Bigger screen: The new iPhone will also come with a bigger screen from the current 4.0 inch offered in the iPhone 5. The screen size could range between a 4.5 inch to an over 5 inch screen, but we feel that ideal screen size would be 4.7 inches.

128GB memory & NFC: The company already offers 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal memory options in the current iPhone, a new 128GB model can also be added to the mix for making things more interesting. Apple could also finally include the ever-elusive near field communication (NFC) in the new iPhone.

Wireless charging: The company could make the new iPhone truly wire free by introducing wireless charging capabilities to the new device. Nokia already provides the same for its high-end Lumia devices.

Price: While the new iPhone should be priced at the regular starting price of Rs 45,000 (going up to Rs 57,000 for the costliest one), if the company launches a 128GB model as well, this pricing could go up wards of Rs 60,000. The cheaper model of the iPhone (if launched) could be priced somewhere around Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000.