Flipkart opens up its tech platform for developers

14 Nov, 2013

FlipkartHomegrown online shopping giant Flipkart has joined the league of  Google and Facebook by opening up its technology platform for developers. The etailer is inviting software coders to build new applications on its technology platform.

A report by The Economic Times stated that the first product made available to open source coders from Flipkart was Phantom which was released about three months ago on GitHub, an online project hosting community. Phantom can automatically queue requests to various servers, create timeouts and in case a particular service is down, it routes the request to a fallback.

"The next entrepreneur will not have to build a product from scratch and if he builds something innovative and useful, Flipkart might end up consuming it," ET quoted Amod Malviya, Flipkart's head of engineering.


In October, it released its second product for open source coders called HostDB. It was again launched on GitHub. "HostDB is our attempt to solve the problem of finding hosts and their purposes in a large environment. It helps us group our servers through tags and all the software written by the operations team revolves around HostDB. HostDB acts as the centralised configuration store for all sorts of information," said the official blog announcing the launch of the product.

This is the second foray out of its online shopping arena by Flipkart after it opened up its payment gateway PayZippy for businesses in July this year.

(Edited by Joby Puthuparampil Johnson)