KartRocket opens up shipping service ShipRocket to all e-tailers


Delhi-Based startup BigFoot Retail Solutions Pvt Ltd, which owns and operates KartRocket.com, a do-it-yourself (DIY) e-commerce platform for Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and retailers, has opened up its shipping platform ShipRocket to all e-tailers. Previously, the solution was being provided as a bundled offering with KartRocket and only recently the startup has started offering it as a standalone solution.

"We were testing the service in beta mode for a few months and launched it publicly earlier this month," said Gautam Kapoor, co-founder and CTO, KartRocket. Some of the e-tailers that tried the service in closed beta include tjori.com, hitplay.in, sportxsindia.com, elitify.com and couturemasala.com.

This service now becomes an additional revenue stream for the company which so far was only offering DIY e-commerce stores. Kapoor added that they expect to add 50 odd stores via the service within the end of this month. "In next six months we are looking to close 2,000 stores on ShipRocket," he added. The service is being offered on a quarterly subscription model wherein e-tailers will have to pay Rs 8,000 per quarter to avail the package.


"We have recently launched a web-based API so that customers on any shopping platform can integrate with us for full automation. We ourselves are building a Magento, Build-a-bazaar and Shopify integration to make it easy for merchants on these platforms to integrate with us on a plug-and-play basis," Kapoor shared. The two year old startup is backed by 5ideas Startup Superfuel and 500 Startups from whom it raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding in July this year.

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