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Outdoor media platform EatAds acquires stealth mode OOH monitoring startup Monitorly.in

23 Apr, 2014

Singapore- and India-based EatAds Pte Ltd, which owns and operates EatAds.com, an online platform for the Out-of-Home (OOH) and outdoor media industry, has acquired Mumbai-based stealth mode startup Monitorly.in, which allows media owners to capture proof and share it easily through a web interface with their clients. The details of the transaction are not disclosed.

Post the deal, EatAds will integrate Monitorly into the media owner's dashboard on EatAds.com, and will also provide up-to-date data which the platform can leverage. At EatAds, it will also serve the requirements of OOH media players, who need a simple mobile enterprise solution for site monitoring, data collection and providing proof of posting to clients.

As part of the deal, Monitorly founder Rahul Chidgopkar will join EatAds as head of sales.

"We're teaming up with EatAds.com to bring the industry a state-of-the-art OOH monitoring solution", Chidgopkar said, adding, "Integrating it with the EatAds platform brings convenience to the end user."

Monitorly allows media owners to capture proof and share it easily through a web interface with their clients. Its founder Chidgopkar has experience in bringing software innovation to the OOH media market. He had also earlier founded IZZI Deals. Prior to that, he had worked with OOH media SaaS product BookAdSpace.

EatAds is a Singaporean company, with Asia focus and a heavy presence in the India market. EatAds.com offers buyers and vendors simple workflow solutions for online presentment, search and lead generation. Other third-party enterprise solutions, on both buy and sell-side, integrate with the platform.

OOH media (billboards, transit media, bus shelters, airport media, etc.) is a large, but a disorganised industry globally. It has been very late in adopting similar web tools that have brought great efficiency to almost all other industries. The $33 billion industry is most disorganised in the emerging economies.

(Edited by Joby Puthuparampil Johnson)