TC Roundup: Google introduces Android TV, its new platform for smart TV apps and navigation

26 Jun, 2014

Google introduces Android TV, its new platform for smart TV apps and navigation: Google has spent many years trying to find its way onto the biggest screen in the house. Today at its I/O developer conference, the the company introduced yet another product that it hopes will accomplish that goal — a new Android TV operating system. (TechCrunch)

AT&T launches an SMS-based language translation service called Muuzii: An interesting new Spanish and Chinese translation service called Muuzii has made its way to AT&T's 2G network. Unlike other app-based translators, Muuzii performs its translations using the most basic data channel on the phone: SMS. (GigaOm)

Google announces Android Auto, promises enabled cars by the end of 2014: Today in its sprawling keynote at its I/O event, Google announced Android Auto. The version of Android will be "completely voice enabled" according to the company, and will help users navigate, communicate and listen to music in their cars. The system will be "contextually aware," Google says, and will allow for hands-free access, an important feature of an experience that involves a driver. (TechCrunch)

Google acquires Appurify, an app testing service funded by Google Ventures: Google today announced that it has acquired Appurify, an app testing service for developers which raised $4.5 million from Google Ventures last year. (VentureBeat)