Bidstalk - Demystifying Mobile RTB

30 Jun, 2014

According to the recent research done by Gartner, Inc, global mobile ad spending is expected to grow to $41.9 billion by 2017. A recent study BIA/Kelsey found that mobile ad spending in the U.S. alone has gone up from $7.22 billion in 2013 to $25.47 billion in 2017. Although mobile ad spend has increased rapidly over the years, the advertisers are facing issues such as limited targeting and tracking of the campaigns and privacy issues. This is accompanied by lack of standardization in mobile ad formats. Says Mr Vaibhav Gupta CEO of  Bidstalk " This renaissance in the world of branding and advertising specially in mobile digital space has inspired us to revolutionise the technology for the strategic benefit of consumers, agencies, advertisers and publishers."

The increase in mobile ad spending had led to emergence of a mobile advertising platform, Bidstalk. With its amplified RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform, Bidstalk set to optimise and innovate mobile advertising technology in January 2014. The company envisioned to render advanced White label DSP solutions to the advertisers and mobile app publishers for bridging this hiatus in the contemporary mobile advertising industry. Bidstalk fills the gap between earning revenue and maximising brand and business mileage for the advertisers. Bidstalk invited big-league technology partners like Smaato, OpenX, Nexage, Tapsense, Inneractive, Rubicon Project, Opera Media Works, Pubmatic, Google Ad-X, etc., for boosting the ad exchange interface and network resulting in more than 15 billion impressions per day presently. Merging of multiple DSP users also facilitates improved tracking mechanism of the target customers.

Bidstalk's power pact white DSP solutions unify innumerable inventories for effective management of ad and data exchange through one smart platform. Such integration facilitates the advertisers and media buyers with efficient connect and greater empowerment of mobile ad campaigns. Moreover, advanced RTB (Real-Time Bidding) enables the ad buyers to access applicable ad inventories for relevant ad positioning improved ad impression management. Bidstalk's Open APIs creates custom made interactive platform to further enhance the services of Bidstalk's perceptive white-label platform. Bidstalk's efficient and transparent reporting helps to improvise customer targeting strategies.

Bidstalk's RTB Platform provides excellent connectivity, supporting Custom/ Private Ad Exchanges to embark their customised inventories. These inventories can link with Bidstalk's existing inventory resources or it can channelize independently. Self-serve SSP Solution facilitates these Ad Exchange network in order to optimally reach their target audience in thousands, through efficient server for judicious inventory management.

Bidstalk strives to improve the optimization and ROI of the advertisers by systematic and authentic analysis of real-time traffic and revenue analysis. Visit to explore more about Bidstalk or send an email at for business inquiries.