Apple sends out invites for iPhone 6 launch on Sep 9: what can you expect?

AppleIt is that time of the year again, and Apple is all set to take the wraps off its next iPhone. The company has already sent out invites for the launch event, which is scheduled for early next week (Sep 9, 2014).

However, unlike previous years when the Cupertino giant gave a sneak peak of what to expect from the event, this time around the company has chosen to be secretive (James Bond style!). This is evident from the invite itself, which simply reads 'Wish we could say more.'

Will it be just the iPhone 6? Or can we expect to see two iPhones again. Will the company also add the iWatch to the mix? After the yearlong leaks and the never-ending discussions over the past months, it will almost be a relief to finally put an end to the rumours.

Here is a roundup of all the rumours that have been doing the rounds.

Two iPhones: Continuing the tradition of launching two devices (started in 2013 with iPhone 5c and 5s), Apple will unveil two models this year as well. However, instead of a regular high-priced model and a cheaper version targeting the mid-price segment, this time around the company will opt for a regular as well as a large model of its iPhone.

Bigger screen: The new iPhone will also come with a bigger screen from the current 4.0 inch offered in the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s models. The screen size could range between a 4.5 to 5 inch for the regular model (we feel that ideal screen size would be 4.7 inches), and 5.5 inch for the large version, which will probably be called the iPhone 6L (L as in Large).

Colours: The new iPhones will most probably be launched in a range of colours, but whether we will be treated to the same candy colours extravaganza that was the iPhone 5c, is something we will have to wait and see.

Sapphire screen: The company will also opt for a sapphire screen instead of a glass one for the new iPhone, which basically means that it will be that much harder to break or get a scratch on it.

Design: If the leaked pictures doing the rounds are to be believed, the new iPhone will finally get a drastic change in its design as well (about time!). The last big change happened back in 2012 with the iPhone 5, which was larger but slimmer than the iPhone 4s.

Hardware: Apart from a new A8 processor and a M8 co-processor, Apple could also finally include the ever-elusive near field communication (NFC) in the new iPhone. Other improvements will include a better LTE modem and an upgraded Wi-Fi chip, etc.

13 MP rear camera: The new iPhone can also come with a 13 MP camera with an improved Flash that will also offer Ultra 4K recording. In addition, the front facing camera will also receive a bump and offer better quality video calling.

128GB storage: The company already offers 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal memory options in the current iPhone, a new 128GB model can also be added to the mix for making things more interesting. However, the inclusion of the 128GB model will also mean the end of 32GB storage option as we know it. What this means is the company will continue to offer only three storage options- 16, 64 and 128GB.

On a lighter note, here is a video where Samsung is taking a dig at the new iPhone.

Reversible lightning cable: Apple could also unveil a reversible lightning cable that will enable users to plug it into a USB port from both sides. So you can finally say bye bye to the right and wrong side. Note that while the existing lightning connector can be plugged into an iPhone/iPad from both sides, it is not possible on the USB end.

Wireless charging: The company could make the new iPhone truly wire free by introducing wireless charging capabilities to the new device. Nokia already provides the same for its high-end Lumia devices.

iOS 8: The company already previewed the same earlier this year, and it will officially launch the next version of Apple's mobile phone operating system with iPhone 6.

Price: The addition of the sapphire screen in the new iPhone will see its prices rise from the standard ones. While the new iPhone should be priced upwards of Rs 50,000, if the company launches a 128GB model as well, this pricing could go over Rs 65,000 as well.

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