TC Roundup: Facebook sets up small team in Taiwan

29 Jan, 2015

Facebook sets up small team in Taiwan : While cracking the mainland Chinese market remains a daunting task for Facebook, the Menlo Park, Calif., company decided to first strengthen its foothold in a smaller part of the Chinese-speaking world — Taiwan.

On Thursday, Facebook said in a statement it will set up a "small team" based in Taiwan's capital Taipei. The team will focus on reaching out and offering technical support to local businesses and application developers. (The Wall Street Journal)

Alibaba blasts Chinese government over report that accused company of 'illegal business practices' : An Alibaba executive leveled sharp criticism of the Chinese government today for publishing a report that accused the e-commerce giant of allowing widespread sales of counterfeit goods and running phony sales promotions.

"Alibaba is a company with strong values," said Joe Tsai, Alibaba's executive vice chairman on an earnings call with reporters and analysts. "We believe this report was false and was based on arbitrary methodology." (Venture Beat)