TC Show Off Ep 38: Travel agents can now setup online presence with Travshoppe!

24 Jul, 2015

In the 38th episode of TC Show Off, a weekly initiative that provides startups a platform to showcase their businesses, Vikas Khadaria, the managing director of Hungry Bags Pvt Ltd, talks about how the company's new portal 'Travshoppe' allows travel agents to set up a comprehensive travel website.

"Our aim is to create travel democracy. Our new portal is a complete online travel solution for small time agents as well as their clients. The site will display all the information on flight, hotels and holidays with a robust intelligent platform coupled with enablers, " Khadaria said.

The four-month old startup will not only give travel related information to the agents but is keen to helps them reduce spends on marketing and branding. Khadaria said that the site will also have the option of a payment gateway option for a low cost.

Travshoppe aims to bring the sizeable offline agent market, specifically in tier two, tier three and tier four cities, onto an online platform.

"Small time agents have the strength but don't have access to content. We will do branding on their behalf to increase sales," Khadaria added.

Khadaria believes that the holidays business has not seen any innovation the last 10 years. "We are here to become an aggregator and create a win-win situation for both the agents and consumers," he added.

Travshoppe is also planning to raise $2 million in funding, which the MD said will be utilised mainly to upgrade the company's technology infrastructure.

In four months, Travshoppe has got business from 250 travel partners across 70 cities, Khadaria claims.