InMobi partners China's APUS to drive monetisation

17 Sep, 2015

Mobile advertising platform InMobi has entered into a monetisation partnership with China-based APUS Group, which deals with application development and user experience on Android platform.

With the partnership, InMobi will have access to more than 200 million additional users across the APUS user system, with exclusive access to all APUS users in India, according to a press statement.

"We believe this to be the start of an exciting chapter on how Indian and Chinese companies can partner for impressive and rapid growth," said Naveen Tewari, CEO and co-founder, InMobi.

APUS Group aims to have around 300 million users by the end of 2015 and 500 million by the end of 2016, APUS will open its user base to InMobi to maximise monetisation together. APUS, owned by Beijing Qi Lin He Sheng Technology Co, was founded by Li Tao in June 2014.

"While we have grown quickly worldwide in the past year, we think the opportunity that exists in India is still largely untapped and will lead the third wave of significant mobile growth. With InMobi, we believe we have the best partner who can help us win in this market," said Tao, who is also the CEO of APUS Group.

With five popular Android apps that span across launcher, browsers, booster, flashlight and a messaging center in its portfolio, APUS is looking to make a significant foray into the Indian market that is expected to have more than 369 million smartphone users by 2018.

The collaboration is aimed at acquiring more than 80 million users in India by 2016 for APUS.

InMobi will provide next-generation user data analysis system, combined with APUS' user data platform and user experience, to provide APUS a customised monetisation strategy. This is the first time APUS has established a worldwide monetisation partnership.