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Pendulum for ads swinging back to traditional media: Sorrell

8 Oct, 2015

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the $19-billion WPP Plc, says he has no complaints about the company's businesses in India. "Our businesses in India are firing on most, if not all, cylinders," says Sorrell, who heads the world's largest advertising conglomerate.

Digital versus traditional media spends

There have been campaigns that are purely digital. People look at them as a cheaper alternative so that absolute savings can be reinvested into the business. If digital were to become 20 per cent of worldwide spend and say eight per cent (of overall marketing budgets) in India, people will start to question if it is as effective as we thought it would be. The problem is that audience measurement systems in the digital side are not independent and cannot be validated. That being the case, people will question digital spends. The pendulum is swinging back a bit to traditional media from digital media.

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