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Most advertisers look at digital as a return-on-investment platform: D'Silva

Carlton D'Silva says digital advertising is all about making quick decisions. D'Silva, who was named the CEO of Hungama Digital Services in April, has readied a growth plan that focuses on acquiring new businesses. He also wants Hungama to work more closely with J Walter Thompson, which acquired 51 per cent of the company in 2012. D'Silva, who joined Hungama in 1999 and has more than 20 years of experience, is also the agency's chief creative officer. In a conversation with Anushree Bhattacharyya, he shares his plan to consolidate the agency's position in digital advertising. Edited excerpts:

Now that you hold dual leadership position – CCO and CEO – what has changed in Hungama's functioning? I was looking after the business for the past six to eight years before I took over as the CEO. So while the new leadership role has been a natural transition, what has really changed in the functioning is that now we make swift decisions. This is unlike earlier when we would have to wait for approval from the head office of J Walter Thompson. Considering the fact that we operate in the digital space, quick decision making has a direct effect on business. Time is very precious in the digital business.

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