Exclusive: Data vault venture Zebi gets $1M from US-based angels

27 Jan, 2016

Zebi India Pvt Ltd, a startup that claims to track and clean heterogeneous digital data through its analytics platform, has raised $1 million (Rs 6.8 crore) in funding from a bunch of unnamed San Francisco-based angel investors.

This round was concluded at a post-money valuation of $6 million (Rs 40.7 crore), the company's co-founder and CEO Babu Munagala, told

"The team is currently developing the Zebi platform along with sample applications on top of the platform," said Munagala, who previously served as the director of software development at Oracle.

Vishakhapatnam-based Zebi, which was founded last year, uses machine learning and integrates data from multiple sources to provide data and analytics as a service (DaaS). It targets businesses and governments for its services. The startup allows users to check for fraudulent documents and incorrect data.

Zebi was formed by seven IIT alumni.

Sudheer Kuppam, the former Asia Pacific chief of Intel Capital who recently founded Epsilon Venture Partners, is also one of the company's co-founders. The company did not share names of the other five co-founders. All seven co-founders have put money in Zebi, Munagala added.