19 May, 2016

Company: BeeWise Labs Pvt. Ltd

Founded in: September 2015

Founders: Varun Deshpande, Siddharth Verma, Ratnesh Ray, Taijas Malpani

Funding: Undisclosed amount of angel funding from 500 Startups, Zishaan Hayath, Jitendra Bajrang Lal Gupta, Satyen Vijay Kothari, Anupam Gopal Mittal, Rajesh Sawhney and Raveen Sastry

What it offers: The BeeWise app not only allows users to track expenses, but helps them save money on every transaction they make. "We tell users how they are spending their money and how to get the best deals and cashbacks," says Verma. Through its Savings Wallet offering, users can avail of cashback at partnering vendors. It claims that the app has been downloaded 100,000 times.