19 May, 2016

Company: Whizdm Innovations Pvt. Ltd

Founded in: October 2014

Founders: Puneet Agarwal, Sanjay Aggarwal

Funding: $1.65 million from Accel India and Ribbit Capital (October 2014), $8.46 million from Accel India Management, Ribbit Capital and Tiger Global Management(April 2015)

What it offers: Besides categorising expenses, providing summaries of multiple bank accounts, and sending alerts on monthly budgets, the app also sports the Green Account feature through which users can directly invest in specific mutual fund schemes. "Because of better management of finances, our users were saving a lot of money. Users get 8% interest, as opposed to 4% that they would get in their savings account," said Agarwal. The app boasts 4 million users till now.