Diving deep

20 May, 2016

Ajit Narayanan, founder, Invention Labs:

We definitely knew that we would be meeting someone important from Apple, but the identity was kept under wraps because of the non-disclosure agreements we had signed. I was definitely pleasantly surprised and honoured to know it was Tim Cook himself whom we were meeting.

While he definitely posed a lot of questions about the technology behind my two products (Avaz and Freespeech), he was more interested in trying to know the impact my products were creating in the assistive technology and disability landscape in India and how it was changing the lives of the people using it. Apple definitely understands that it needs to have a compelling understanding of the Indian user case to be successful in India and great quality apps are part of that user experience.

Cook was asking some very intelligent questions from the point of view of competition and market. He really wanted to get a deep understanding of the market and it felt good to see that Apple's commitment towards India was really deep. I could see that Apple is actually looking to build an ecosystem in India with a compelling user case and some of its India-specific announcements also reflect the same.

Apple is known for its attention to detail and I was able to see that first hand during my interaction. Cook's comments and questions indicated that the minutest of details does not escape his attention and he wants to understand exactly how every part works.