Passage to India

Apurva Roy Choudhary, CEO, Cynapse:

We have been developing apps for the Apple ecosystem for the last six years. For the first couple of years, we did not have any connect with any Apple employees or relationship managers. Apple was a white box for us. This has been steadily changing in the last couple of years, and now, to see the CEO of Apple genuinely interested in our work was extremely inspiring and encouraging.

He was humble, kind and genuinely excited about our work. We were four developers from various fields and he gave each of us and our work his undivided attention, with meaningful feedback. He was curious about how our app Numerics works and how it gets the data down from different sources. He was also very impressed with the data security model of Numerics.

For Cynapse, this has been a great validation of our work, our products and our vision of the future. Both Tim Cook and Jeff Williams appreciated our product Numerics and said it would be extremely useful for businesses and professionals. Their attention and feedback towards our work has been greatly inspiring.

We shared our unique perspective of making in India and selling to the world. After meeting Cook and the rest of the Apple team, I feel that Apple is extremely enthusiastic about growing the app ecosystem in India and has a strong roadmap planned for the future.