Are Silicon Valley hires finding India too hot to handle?

25 May, 2016

Last year, bringing home top talent was the recurrent theme in the Indian startup community. Startups were the toast of the town, and flush with investor money, were convincing Indian talent to leave their jobs at top tech companies in Silicon Valley and return home. But the honeymoon seems to have been short-lived. The number of high-profile Silicon Valley hires quitting their jobs for greener pastures is growing. Many of these highly-paid executives have realised that the Indian startup ecosystem is very different from that of Silicon Valley. The fact that Indian entrepreneurs are still learning how to run tech companies is just one part of the story. Lack of role models in terms of great product companies is another hurdle. The differences in organisational goals and style of functioning also make it difficult for these US-returned hires to adapt. Some have turned entrepreneurs themselves while others have gone back to the Valley. Techcircle profiles four Silicon Valley hires who decided to quit within a year of joining these startups.