Google Hire gets AI-powered features to speed up common tasks

Google Hire gets AI-powered features to speed up common tasks
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
21 Jun, 2018

Tech giant Google has added artificial intelligence-powered tools to its Hire recruitment platform, a year after its launch, to offer companies a smarter and faster way to recruit.

The update brings new features which can make scheduling interviews faster, call logging easier, and skimming to relevant resumes less time consuming, the company said in a blog post.

The company said that by incorporating Google AI, Hire reduces repetitive, time-consuming tasks, into one-click interactions. This means hiring teams can spend less time with logistics and more time connecting with people.

The global search giant introduced the new recruiting tool Google Hire in July 2017 and has been trying to help hiring managers to manage the data and tasks associated with the hiring process. It also allowed recruiters to post jobs to various job sites, track applications, schedule interviews, and even interview feedback.

Google Hire came with a feature called G Suite since the launch. G Suite allows the app to work in synchronisation with other apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, among others.

In the blog, Google claims that Hire has reduced the time spent by hiring teams on recruiting tasks by up to 8%.

With the latest updates, Google Hire will now automatically suggest interviewers and ideal time slots, reducing interview scheduling to a few clicks.

"If an interviewer cancels last minute, Hire not only alerts you, it also recommends available replacement interviewers and makes it easy to quickly invite them," the company explains on its blog post.

Also, Google Hire now pulls keywords from the job description and highlights them on resumes, making it easier for recruiters to find what they are looking for, and not waste time reading through long resumes before making a decision.

It also simplifies every phone conversation with a click-to-call functionality, and automatically logs calls so team members know who has spoken with a candidate, and not make multiple calls to the same candidate.