Mozilla developing fifth internet browser it says is not for oldies

Mozilla developing fifth internet browser it says is not for oldies
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Reuters
10 Jul, 2018

Mozilla, the company behind the open-source browser Firefox, is developing its fifth browser to target the younger generation of web users, according to information on GitHub.

The new browser, Fenix, will be for the Android operating system, according to GitHub, a popular online platform for sharing and collaborating on code that is being acquired by tech giant Microsoft.
The Firefox maker may aim the new browser at a younger demographic; its introduction on the GitHub declares “Fenix is not your parent’s Android browser”. 

The Fenix project started four months ago, but Mozilla’s developers started working actively on the new internet browser from late June onwards. Fenix presently has only three contributors, implying that the app is in a very early stage of development and Mozilla has allotted no significant human resources to the project. 

The Mountain View, California-based developer has yet to comment on Fenix. Moreover, it’s unknown whether Mozilla has any commercial plans for the new browser.

Mozilla, a free software community founded in 1998 by members of Netscape, has four Android browsers – Firefox Browser, Firefox Focus, Firefox Nightly, and Firefox Beta. Firefox competes with Microsoft's Edge and Google Chrome, among others.

It is unclear why Mozilla is developing a fifth Android browser, especially considering the fact that the Firefox Browser remains one of the most popular tools for exploring the World Wide Web, with the app clocking over 100 million installations on Google Play Store. 

Mozilla has been constantly developing new features for its Firefox Browser on all platforms. Recently, it added security features to the iOS version of Firefox Browser.

It’s not just browsers the firm is working upon. In February, Mozilla released a new framework that could help organisations build an open gateway through which devices can connect to the internet.