Now ask Google Assistant to make video calls using Duo

Now ask Google Assistant to make video calls using Duo
25 Jul, 2018

Google Assistant can now initiate video calls through Duo, the search giant’s video-calling and voice-calling app, after being told “video call (name)”.

The new feature would allow users to make video calls from their device, contacts and messaging apps.

The development was first reported by Android Police.    

Google’s Duo support page about now includes mention of Assistant. It reads “If you use the Google Assistant: You can start a Duo video call by saying or typing, ‘Video call [name].'”

For users who do not have the app installed, the call would get redirected to Hangouts, another Google's messaging and video chat platform.

The update was released on the latest version of Duo for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Users using Android 8.0 and above would have to sync their Duo settings using the "Account Sync" option.

While Duo has opened up for most, not everyone is reportedly able to make a call now. 

The feature has started rolling out but it may take some time to reach all.

The Google Assistant feature is just one of the many the search giant has rolled out in recent times.

Earlier this month, Duo adopted multi-device support for users operating a single account on multiple devices.

Last month, Google started rolling out desktop browser support for default messaging app Android Messages -- a feature already offered by most of its rivals.

According to reports, Google Assistant has also added a section named “Voice and Video calls” where Google Duo can be linked and Google Smart Displays can be used.