Meet the 10 startups selected for Google's Launchpad Accelerator India programme

Meet the 10 startups selected for Google's Launchpad Accelerator India programme
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Reuters
31 Aug, 2018

As part of the sixth edition of its Launchpad Accelerator India, search giant Google has announced the first batch of 10 startups that will be part of the programme, it said in a statement on Friday.

While the previous five versions of the programme were held in Silicon Valley, the present on is specifically tailored to India and will be organised in Bengaluru for the first time. It is aimed at artificial intelligence and machine learning startups in the country.

The inaugural class will commence from September 10, where the selected startups will undergo a two-week intensive mentorship boot camp, followed by customised virtual support for the remaining three months, the statement added.

“The shortlisted startups are doing incredible work in areas ranging from enhancing employability and the earning abilities of the blue-collar workforce to using satellite imagery to support farmers’ decision-making process,” said Paul Ravindranath G, programme manager, Google India.

The chosen startups come from cities such as Bengaluru, Thrissur, Thiruvananthapuram, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Pune and Mumbai, according to the statement.

Over the years, Google has worked with many startups across India using AI in agri-tech, language, healthcare, transportation and more.

Besides Bengaluru, Google runs its region-specific accelerator programme in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo and Africa.

Below are the startups shortlisted for the sixth edition:

CareNx: This Mumbai-based startup runs a smartphone-based fetal heart monitor for the early detection of fetal asphyxia.

Vassar Labs: This US and India-based firm uses sensors, satellite and crowdsourced data to provide decision-making support in sectors such as water, agriculture, education and more.

Wysa: This Bengaluru-based startup provides users a mental health AI-based chatbot.

MultiBhashi: This Jaipur- and Bengaluru-based startup offers a simplified language learning platform, via an app, for the blue-collared workforce to help them improve their English communication skills.

Genrobotics: This Kerala-based startup has created a robot called Bandicoot which is designed to clean sewers, thus aiming to end the practice of manual scavenging in India.

OliveWear: This Bengaluru-based firm runs a healthcare initiative called SaveMom, which aims to provide better maternal care in urban and rural areas. Its solutions are based on wearable and connected medical devices and are also cloud-based.

Signzy: This Mumbai- and Bengaluru-based firm uses AI and blockchain to digitise various processes at banks including know-your-customer guidelines, contract management and automating operations, to name a new.

SlangLabs: This Bengaluru-based startup runs a multilingual voice-based assistant that has been created based on a software development kit (SDK) which allows apps to understand and react to human voices

ten3THealthcare: This Bengaluru-based firm develops wearable medical devices such as monitors that then transfers data to a cloud-based system.

Uncanny Vision: This Bengaluru-based company offers computer vision solutions in areas such as robotics, video surveillance and advanced driver assistance systems. The firm’s products are optimised to perform on low compute edge devices.