TCS partners Intel to help its clients protect data during blockchain deployment

TCS partners Intel to help its clients protect data during blockchain deployment
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
24 Oct, 2018

Information technology company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has partnered US chipmaker Intel Corp. to help its business clients protect their assets and data while deploying blockchain solutions. 

Privacy and security have been two of the biggest concerns for organisations looking to migrate some of their business functions to blockchain. 

By integrating Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology, TCS’ Quartz blockchain solutions will now aim to offer customers the ability to isolate sensitive business code, data and transactions in an encrypted form, thereby protecting these from unauthorised access.

“Intel processor technologies like Intel SGX provide unique capabilities that can help improve the privacy, security, scalability and trust of blockchain networks,” said Anand Pashupathy, general manager, security solutions engineering division, software and services group, Intel Corp.

This latest partnership is part of a long history of collaboration between these two firms. TCS and Intel, both founded in 1968, have completed fifty years of operations.

The two companies have been working closely on a variety of new technologies: high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, all geared towards helping customers speed up their business transformation.

R Vivekanand, vice-president and co-head, financial solutions, TCS, said, “Central to TCS’ Business 4.0 framework is the use of technology to leverage ecosystems and to harness abundance. Quartz blockchain is a key enabler for this strategy. Even a single security incident can cause loss of trust and deter the adoption of blockchain. The integration of TCS Quartz with Intel SGX strengthens security and helps in easing these concerns.”