Enterprises in Asia-Pacific to invest more in IoT in 1-2 years, finds survey

Enterprises in Asia-Pacific to invest more in IoT in 1-2 years, finds survey
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22 Nov, 2018

Enterprise investments in Internet of Things (IoT) have seen an uptick in Asia-Pacific as over two-thirds of companies in the region have adopted the technology, said a survey by barcoding and business solutions company Zebra Technologies.

As much as 91% of APAC companies surveyed said that they were expecting to increase their IoT investments over the next 1-2 years. Around half of them expect that investment to increase by 11-20%, noted the survey.

The APAC region emerged as the leader in IoT adoption worldwide, with 22% of companies defined as ‘intelligent enterprises’ in 2018, up from just 2% last year. Globally, 10% companies were considered as 'intelligent enterprise' by the survey.

The survey was conducted using Zebra's data intelligence platform Savanna that creates an 'Intelligent Enterprise Index'. The survey measured companies on how well they connect the physical and digital worlds to drive innovation through real-time guidance, data-powered environments and collaborative mobile workflows, Zebra said in a media statement.

“As new technologies continue to transform the front line of business, real-time data-driven signals at the edge of operations are empowering workers with the right information to optimise actions and outcomes,” said Zebra's Sanjay Nare, pre-sales head for the Indian subcontinent.

He added that more companies were acknowledging the value of leveraging IoT strategies and will continue to propel adoption and investment in the future.

In a sign of empowering employees, Zebra found that globally 52% of enterprises are sharing real-time guidance information from their IoT solutions with them while in APAC this goes up to 58%. 

Large enterprises are increasingly seeing IoT as key to increasing operational efficiency and reducing cost structure by monitoring systems in real-time. With increased computation capabilities and analytical tools, IoT can automate or alert employees to anomalies at manufacturing plants instantly.

An example of this adoption is Piramal Glass, which recently managed to cut costs at its manufacturing plants by adopting Microsoft Azure's IoT platform.

The survey was conducted in August and September and assessed around 1,000 IT decision makers across sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation and logistics. The respondents were from the Americas, Europe and APAC.

Zebra's Savanna provides applications and solutions based on data in real-time. It integrates the solutions into current infrastructure by leveraging existing hardware and software systems to deliver data-based actionable insights.