Dell EMC expands data protection suite for a multi-cloud environment

Dell EMC expands data protection suite for a multi-cloud environment
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19 Feb, 2019

Data storage and virtual infrastructure firm Dell EMC has announced new data-protection features for its Indian enterprise customers looking at working across a multi-cloud environment.

The new features were added to two products of Dell EMC: 'Data Domain' and 'Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)’. Among the new features is a single interface for administrators across multiple cloud platforms, Massachusetts-based Dell EMC said in a statement.

Dell EMC said it is also offering a new free-space estimator tool for cloud that will help enable more efficient capacity management to reduce on-premise and cloud storage costs. The new features will also enable up to 2.5 times faster restoration of data and four times faster recalls from cloud, apart from providing flexibility for mid-sized enterprises, it added.

“In a data-driven economy, as enterprises rigorously adopt multi-cloud environments, it has increasingly become important for them to not just manage but protect their data as well,” said Ripu Bajwa, director and general manager, data protection solutions, Dell EMC India.

According to market intelligence firm IDC, 64% of companies have adopted a multi-cloud approach. While working with multiple cloud vendors increases security risks, Dell EMC said that the new features will help enterprises in protecting workloads as well as meeting compliance and security requirements. In a study commissioned by the company, it was found that most enterprises cited data protection across a multi-cloud environment as one of the biggest challenges.

Dell EMC said that a data recovery feature is also available across the IDPA family.