Dell EMC rolls out new storage, software solutions for enterprise data crunching

Dell EMC rolls out new storage, software solutions for enterprise data crunching
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
6 Mar, 2019

Dell EMC has launched an enterprise-grade storage system, the Isilon 810, which it claims possesses 33% more storage capacity per TB (terabyte) than its competitors. 

The new offering will help enterprises meet high computing storage for unstructured data applications in the areas of data analytics, AI, and electronic design automation, the release said. 

Dell EMC also announced the launch of a software that would work synergistically with Isilon, the ClarityNow— a data management tool that helps organisations manage file-based workflows. The two products will work on premises and on the cloud. 

“As we move towards a data-driven ecosystem, modernising the IT infrastructure is an essential first step for driving digital business initiatives and managing all of the accumulated data more effectively,” said Nikhil Madan, general manager and area director, India and Asia-Pacific Japan, data lake and object storage, Dell EMC. 

He added that the Isilon F810’s scale-out NAS storage can deliver performance and efficiency for demanding ecosystems. Addtionally, ClarityNow offers companies a holistic view of data through files and cloud storage which can be located and extracted as required, said Madan.

The Isilon F810 delivers close to 250,000 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and 15 GB/s bandwidth per 4U chassis (4U being a unit of hardware storage). The dense storage solution will help reduce costs of power, cooling, floor space and data-centre footprints, the release stated. 

Isilon F810, which is powered by the Isilon OneFS operating system, is capable of integrating directly with legacy systems which have older Isilon clusters without the need for manual data migration. Another feature is with all hybrid and archive platforms being able to combine into a single Isilon cluster, said the release. 

Additional offerings include automated storage tier-ing and cloud integration with one choice of public and private cloud players, along with a one-year warranty for logical usable capacity.  

As for ClarityNow, it provides a unified file system that can be viewed in heterogeneous distributed storage or on the cloud. The product can help users index data in order to make billions of files more visible for extracting insights, the release said.