Cybersecurity firm McAfee unveils integration with collaboration tool Microsoft Teams

Cybersecurity firm McAfee unveils integration with collaboration tool Microsoft Teams
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Reuters
22 Mar, 2019

US cybersecurity firm McAfee said it has launched McAfee MVISION Cloud for online collaboration tool Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. 

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams is an extension to the already available security solution that McAfee MVISION Cloud has for Microsoft Office 365. It is a cloud access security broker (CASB) that protects data with a solution that was built natively in the cloud, for the cloud. 

According to a statement by McAfee, the new solution promises to deliver API-based cloud-native security that will allow infotech (IT) teams to enforce data-loss prevention (DLP) policies and collaboration controls, contextual access control, address threats from insiders and compromised accounts, and audit all user activity. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based solution in Office 365 that allow user to collaborate. API is application programming interface.

With McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams, companies can answer employees’ requests for a collaboration platform, while enforcing the security capabilities they need to keep data safe.

“McAfee MVISION Cloud enables IT and security teams to consistently enforce security and compliance controls across all their SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications, including Microsoft Teams,” said Rajiv Gupta, vice-president of the Cloud Security Business Unit.

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams provides security, governance and compliance capabilities, including a unified, cloud-native security platform that leverages McAfee’s CASB technology in a single, unified platform—offering a frictionless, cloud-native solution for organisations to consistently protect their data and defend against threats in the cloud.

It also provides modern data security, collaboration control, threat prevention for organisations to detect and prevent anomalous behaviour indicative of insider threats and compromised accounts. 

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams also provides rich capabilities for forensics and investigations.