Former Aptech CEO Ganesh Natarajan may invest in SP Robotic Labs, joins board

Former Aptech CEO Ganesh Natarajan may invest in SP Robotic Labs, joins board
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: 123RF.com
25 Mar, 2019

Ganesh Natarajan, former CEO at Aptech Computer Education, is looking to invest in SP Robotic Works Pvt. Ltd and has joined the board of the Chennai-based company.

“Natarajan brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the domain of education franchising, and we are confident that his inputs and advice will help us become the go-to partner and leader for imparting technological education to young learners,” SP Robotic co-founder and CEO Sneha Priya said in a statement.

According to the statement, Natarajan is one of the pioneers of the franchising model of education centres and holds extensive experience in growing high-potential companies into domain leaders.

Natarajan, the founder and chairman of Pune-based IT company 5F World, had expanded Aptech’s physical footprint from nine centres to over 1,000 centres in 40 countries and grew its revenue by 50 times. He said SP Robotic has the potential to scale and be a leader in robotics education.

SP Robotic also said that Uma Ganesh, wife of Natarajan and chairperson of Global Talent Track and Skills Alpha, is joining the company as a chief mentor. Ganesh is an expert in education, national and international franchising with leadership experience in NIIT, Aptech, Zee Education. She will work with the founders in franchise management.

Natarajan and Uma Ganesh are also looking at investing in SP Robotic in the future, the statement said.

SP Robotic was founded in August 2012 by two Anna University alumni Pranavan S and Sneha Priya. The company provides hands-on education about latest technologies such as robotics, Internet of Things and virtual reality to students of ages between 7 and 16 years.

The company has more than 75 labs in 27 cities within a year of launching its franchising model. It aims to have more than 500 labs operational across India within two years.

SP Robotic is backed by the Indian Angels Network, which had invested in the company three years ago.