Nutanix initiative encourages Indian women to rejoin workforce

Nutanix initiative encourages Indian women to rejoin workforce
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
22 Apr, 2019

Enterprise cloud computing firm Nutanix has launched a programme aimed at encouraging women who have taken a career break for family reasons to rejoin the workforce.

The initiative, called WomEncore, will offer women reskilling support for digital technologies.

US-headquartered Nutanix, which has founders of Indian origin, said in a statement that the India-specific programme was part of the company’s continued investment in the country.

The programme will initially target 80 women, comprising two intakes of 40 each through the year.

The two batches of women will also undergo four months of training consisting of both classroom learning as well as practical work experience designed to help them re-integrate better and open the door to full-time employment, Nutanix added.

“Personal sacrifice should not be a barrier to fulfilling one's potential,” said Sankalp Saxena, senior vice president and managing director at Nutanix India.  “WomEncore is our way of saying thank you to those women who have put family before career and ensuring that we offer a way back for talented individuals as well as a commitment to help re-launch the careers of a select few.”

WomEncore is part of Nutanix's initiative to ensure opportunity and choice for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the company added.

The potential applicants for the programme, which commences this week, must have a college degree and should have been out of the workforce for a minimum of two years.

Nutanix had last month opened a new customer support centre in Pune, its second in India.

The company recently announced a partnership with enterprise technology giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to provide hybrid cloud as a service.