Google launches AI-powered telephone operator for small businesses

Google launches AI-powered telephone operator for small businesses
Photo Credit: Pixabay
2 May, 2019

Google has launched a cloud-based and artificial intelligence-powered telephone operator called CallJoy for small business owners.

Available only in the US for now, the service aims to help small businesses block unwanted calls, provide basic information on businesses and help customers with simple queries such as booking an appointment or placing an order. It also offers actionable insights.

“CallJoy helps small business owners offer better customer service, make more informed business decisions and ultimately increase productivity,” Bob Summers, general manager at CallJoy, said in a blog post.

The company claimed that it would provide a similar suite of customer service solutions that have historically only been available for larger corporations.

Google further said that CallJoy would offer the option of recording calls. The files would then be encrypted and transcribed to text, which would be available for search on the CallJoy dashboard to facilitate easier traceability of subjects addressed on phone calls.

By saving the phone number, audio and transcripts of the calls, the business owner has the option of tagging specific calls to run reports and gain actionable insights.

The blog listed use case scenarios such as a hair salon changing their marketing game plan after receiving several enquiries about “wedding hairstyles”.

Other insights that are available to the user include call volume, peak call times and data on new callers and returning callers. The app aggregates the data on a daily basis and sends it out to the customer.

CallJoy is currently available on an invite-only basis but Google said that the service will eventually be open to all users.

If and when the service makes its way to India, CallJoy will compete against the likes of homegrown firms such as Knowlarity, Ozonetel and Exotel.

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