Trend Micro to offer single security solution for cloud and container workloads

Trend Micro to offer single security solution for cloud and container workloads
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16 May, 2019

Tokyo-based cybersecurity solutions provider Trend Micro will now offer a single security solution to help enterprises protect their workloads on cloud and containers at the same time, it said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the company, the solution was developed due to the need to provide protection across entire DevOps lifecycles and runtime stack.

“Unlike many of the one-off point solutions crowding the market, our offering provides automated build-pipeline container image scanning, and extensive runtime protection providing full visibility and control. What is strikingly unique is our consolidated tool for container plus workload security in every environment,” said Steve Quane, executive vice president at the network defense and hybrid cloud security division at Trend Micro.

Quane also said that the company can provide security to the DevOps lifecycle by extending its container image scanning to include pre-registry scanning that will help in the early detection of vulnerabilities and malware over and above scanning trusted registry for any future threats.

“Deep security will now also scan for embedded secrets such as passwords and private keys and provide compliance and configuration validation checks, along with image assertion for digitally signed images,” he added.

In order to secure container workloads and the entire stack, Trend Micro said that the new solution comes equipped with a boosted container platform protection across Docker and Kubernetes.

To ensure complete protection, Trend Micro inspects all lateral and horizontal traffic movement (east, west, north and south) between containers and platform layers like Kubernetes and Docker, Quane said.

The company further said that in order to reduce manual tasks and help increase automation, the new solution allows security teams at enterprises to use any command shell to execute APIs.

“This additional option ensures full control of deploying policies, automation of monitoring, reporting and more," the company said in the statement.

In an earlier interview in March, Mahendra Negi, Trend Micro’s global group chief financial officer, had said that India is a growing market for Trend Micro and the country has the potential to account for a significant chunk of the Taiwanese cybersecurity company’s overall revenues.

Around the same time, the company had also made its managed detection and response (MDR) services available for Indian enterprises.

It had then said that the set of new services launched in the country was planned to address the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the country and augment an enterprise's threat-hunting and investigation capabilities.