5 Reasons Indians Love Playing Fantasy Games

5 Reasons Indians Love Playing Fantasy Games
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23 May, 2019

The gaming industry in India is undoubtedly at the cusp of exploding into the mainstream consciousness, and there is a good reason for it. The large population of India continually seeks to escape into activities that are fun and well as refreshing. Fantasy games are becoming popular by the day in India. Let us see what exactly attracts people to games like online cricket, football, online rummy, and many other online games. 

  • Winning Using One’s Gaming Skills

One of the main attractions of online platforms that host digital games is the realness of players: people play with real players, not robots or algorithm, and can attain win satisfaction by playing games with real players. This is a high-selling point for games like online rummy and fantasy games. Players have opportunities to develop and sharpen their gaming skills by playing more and more. This makes the playing of fantasy games appealing. 

  • Improvement in Technology Has Made Gaming Experience Wonderful

Advancement in technology cannot be stressed enough and it has made gaming a wonderful experience for both experienced and new players. Players appreciate the aesthetics of games and are drawn to them. Not only does it attract players and maintain their engagement, but also provides players a refreshing experience. When you play Indian rummy game, your mind gets exercise as quick thinking and smart strategizing are required to win at the game. The online version of games eliminates the possibility of cheating and other forms of malpractices and online games on verified platforms are absolutely fair. 

  • The Feeling of Role-playing

When gaming as authentic as you can imagine, players like to believe themselves playing specific roles, and through competition and appliance of skills, they can emerge as champions of the game. The entire proposition leads to the emotional attachment of players to online games like chess, points rummy and pool rummy.

  • A Sense of Community and Social Bonding

A lot of Indians visit the online game sites to socialize with like-minded people who also have interests in games. This leads to the development of online communities that provide their members with a great sense of social bonding and togetherness. It makes people visit such gaming platforms again and again.

  • Online Gaming Is Perfectly Legal

Online games of skill hosted by verified and registered gaming websites/platforms are perfectly legal to play for free. The Supreme Court of India has declared playing skill games online legal and you can play Indian rummy game and other skill games online without worrying about the games’ legality at all. The opportunity of winning online by playing skill games, in addition to the social interaction online games provide, draws Indians to online games.


There are lots of reasons Indians love fantasy games, and they even recommend them to their family friends, but we have listed some of the main reasons above. Indians like to socialize, and fantasy games provide a perfect platform to connect with people from everywhere.

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