Trend Micro partners with Ninjio, InfoSec for training as Kaspersky looks towards startups

Trend Micro partners with Ninjio, InfoSec for training as Kaspersky looks towards startups
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
31 May, 2019

In what can only be called consolidation in the global cybersecurity space, solutions and service provider Trend Micro and Kaspersky are entering into new partnerships to strengthen their business offerings.

While Tokyo-based Trend Micro said that it will tie up with Ninjio, Infosec, NextTech Security and GoldPhis to help businesses protect their employees from the latest cyber threats via training, Moscow-headquartered Kaspersky's Lab unit said that it was rolling out a programme under which it would work with startups to come out with innovative solutions.

Trend Micro in a statement has said that the new training materials will be available on Trend Micro’s Phish Insight tool, which will be free, and highly flexible security awareness solution.

The new educational platform will provide customers with a diverse library of training content to enhance employee awareness initiatives and arm organizations with the resources they need to improve overall enterprise security, it added.

“All businesses today are susceptible to socially engineered phishing emails and business email compromise (BEC) attacks, which can cause severe financial and reputational damage,” said Wendy Moore, vice president of product marketing at Trend Micro.

Moore added that BEC attacks cost global businesses nearly $1.3 billion in 2018, more than any other threat category, and phishing emails are linked to a third of data breaches and 94% of malware occurring last year.

According to the company, customers will have access to the content that best fits their needs with no contracts or subscriptions, completely free for the first six months during a beta period.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky said it will collaborate with innovative tech-based startups to accelerate development and generate new business opportunities together via its new initiative -- the Kaspersky Open Innovations Program.

The cybersecurity services provider said that the new platform will help startups to significantly expand their potential customer base by joining a globally recognized brand in the cybersecurity sector.

"By integrating the best solutions with our technologies, we aim to combine and maximize values for the corporate cybersecurity strategies of customers and prospects. Kaspersky Lab scouts, validates, nurtures and enhances the most advanced and disruptive technologies to support the digital transformation of our clients," Vitaly Mzokov, head of verification at Kaspersky Lab said, adding that the company was interested in creating advanced solutions that satisfy the needs of different industries

Kaspersky lab will also benefit from the collaborations by complementing its portfolio with innovative products and technologies to deliver faster and better solutions that meet its customers’ cybersecurity needs, Mzokov explained. 

In order to roll out the programme, Kaspersky has also partnered with Biba Ventures.Alberto Ratti, managing partner at the VC firm, said that cybersecurity is a top pain point for most corporate executives. 

The company further said that in order to join the new programme, candidates have to participate in a challenge which is designed for the companies which are working on advanced projects at the edge of cybersecurity in areas like transportation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), anti-fraud and blockchain.

Last week, Kaspersky Lab had said that cybercriminals attacked 31% of Indian web-users from January to March.

Last year, in November, India was ranked 12th globally when it comes to dangers associated with surfing the web, a separate report from the firm had showed.