Skybox brings out Suite 10 to simplify security management

Skybox brings out Suite 10 to simplify security management
Skybox Founder & CEO, Gidi Cohen
14 Jun, 2019

Skybox Security has rolled out Suite 10 to simplify enterprise security management processes that oversee mass-scale, hybrid networks.

Skybox said that the new suite brings customisable user experience to simplify management of vulnerabilities, security policies, firewalls and changes from a central solution.

“It has become impossible for security teams to understand — let alone manage — security effectively in today’s multi-cloud, hybrid environments. The development behind Skybox 10 was done with the aim of making it easier to manage security policies in clouds, monitor risks to industrial control systems, and find important assets at risk. We want to help chief information security officers (CISOs) maximise the value of their teams and their technology to secure and support the business,” said Gidi Cohen, founder and chief executive officer, Skybox.

The company said that the cloud and operational technology security insights are integrated seamlessly for uniform risk management across hybrid networks. Intelligent automation brings efficiency to multi-vendor environments, integrating data and yielding contextual insight. Customers can also use the new REST application programme interface (API) to leverage Skybox intelligence in other tools and processes, increasing their return on investment (ROI), the company added.

“Our methodology goes way beyond common vulnerability scoring system severity and exploitability, taking into account asset importance, exposure within the network and more. We make it easy to determine which assets are at risk and see if an existing security control can be used to protect against an attack, even without a patch. This is critical to knowing which risks require immediate attention and which ones can wait for scheduled remediation,” said Amrit Williams, vice-president, products, Skybox.

The company also claims that the new suite includes several new integrations including Splunk, ElasticSearch and ServiceNow, as well as Twistlock, which provides visibility to the security of containers in cloud-native applications.

Further, the company said that the biggest changes are found in Skybox Vulnerability Control solution, which provides fast access to vulnerability insights through fully customisable dashboards and reports.

Skybox is a cybersecurity management and solutions provider which addresses security challenges within large, complex networks. The company works with over 130 networking and security technologies and offers security suites which provide a comprehensive attack surface visibility and the context needed for informed action.

In January, a report by Skybox had shown that attacks from cryptominers had exceeded those of ransomware in 2018, a deviation from 2017.