Dell, ESDS to collaborate for data centre fabric in Bengaluru

Dell, ESDS to collaborate for data centre fabric in Bengaluru
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: 123RF.com
6 Aug, 2019

Texas-based technology giant Dell Technologies is collaborating with ESDS Software Solution to help it build a data centre fabric in Bengaluru using its PowerSwitch open networking solutions.

A data centre fabric, compared to a data centre, is usually deployed to make available multiple services like storage, network and servers to cut down costs by allowing enterprises to access unutilised capacities.

In legacy data centres, each application has a defined finite resource capacity in terms of server, storage or network. 

The companies said the new data centre fabric will sport a spine-and-leaf design to cut down latency. The spine-and-leaf design aligns devices on the edges (leaves) and switches on the spine to achieve more efficiency.

Nashik, Maharashtra-based ESDS provides managed data centre service and auto-scalable cloud solutions. The company has expertise in managed cloud hosting service, disaster recovery hosting on cloud and hosted banking. 

“Our vision of the new data centre networking model is an open ecosystem in which organisations can choose from innovative, industry standard network applications, network operating systems and network hardware,” said  Manish Gupta, senior director and general manager, compute and networking group, Dell Technologies, India.

Dell has offered customised solution designs that will help ESDS optimise costly engineering overheads and help reduce the time and effort required to design, provision and manage networks, the company said.

“The current networking industry looks much like the proprietary computing market of 40 years ago, where a small number of industry players produced vertically-integrated solutions with software and hardware that were single-sourced. Dell Technologies open networking switch solutions are cost-effective and easy to deploy, providing a clear path to software defined networking,” said Piyush Somani, founder, chief managing director and chief executive officer, ESDS Software Solution.

In May, Dell added a new software platform called PowerProtect and multi-dimensional appliance called PowerProtect X400 to its data protection portfolio to ensure ease of deployment, scaling and upgradation.

Dell had also launched a new set of solutions for edge and core computing at Dell technologies World 2019 Conference in Las Vegas.

In June, Dell EMC had announced the launch of artificial intelligence (AI) experience zones in Bengaluru, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo in partnership with chipmaker Intel.