Automating security & risk management will create more value for enterprises: Gartner

Automating security & risk management will create more value for enterprises: Gartner
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay
9 Aug, 2019

Security and risk management departments should leverage automation to create value while bringing new mindsets and practices at enterprises, technology research firm Gartner said in a statement.

Connecticut-based Gartner said enterprises can deploy automation in areas of identity, data as well as for new products and services development in the security and risk space.

“We are now asking how we are helping the enterprise realise more value while assessing and managing risk, security and even safety. The best way to bring value to your organisation today is to leverage automation,” said Katell Thielemann, research vice president, Gartner. 

She added that automation could converge and help bring new mindsets, practices and technologies to create new capabilities. 

Gartner said automation also acts as an enabler for an enterprise to identify and understand new security frontiers.

"It is a continuum of sophistication and complexity, and can use a number of techniques, either stand-alone or in combination,” said David Mahdi, senior research director, Gartner. 

For instance, robotic process automation is best deployed in task-centric environments while process automation is evolving to increasingly powerful bots and even eventually towards autonomous process orchestration, Mahdi added.

Gartner estimates that by 2021, 17% of the average organisation’s revenue will be devoted to digital business initiatives, and by 2022, content creators will produce more than 30% of their digital content with the aid of artificial intelligence-based content-generation techniques.

“This means our organisations are likely building solutions and making technology-related choices often without realising the risk implications of what they are doing,” Mahdi said. 

With increasing reliance on data and digital twins, there is increasing privacy risks to enterprises, the research firm said.

The demands of these emerging technologies and digital transformation have introduced new talent challenges for the security function as well as altering how organisations are expecting security to be delivered, the statement said.

This requires new skill sets among software engineers, resulting in a large number of vacant positions, Gartner added in the statement.