Dell partners with Pune Smart City to set up centre of excellence

Dell partners with Pune Smart City to set up centre of excellence
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Texas-headquartered multinational software firm, Dell Technologies has partnered with the Pune smart city development corporation to work on solutions for local problems.  

Dell has now signed on as a technology knowledge partner for the corporation’s Centre of Excellence. The company will use the latest technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence among others to find innovative solutions for local problems.

The centre, which is set up at the Pune smart city, will encourage local innovation, which will in turn create a living laboratory to support experimentation for indian smart cities. Local projects will use real-time data collected from the city.  

The data will also be available to startups and enterprises who can use it to build smart city solutions. Traffic management, transportation, water and sanitation are some of the problem areas that will likely benefit from these solutions.

Data from India’s urban data exchange programme from the ministry of housing and urban affairs will also be integrated with the Pune smart city command and control centre.

“Dell Technologies will play a key role in providing essential compute infrastructure support and be the technology knowledge partner to the innovation center,” a press release said.  

The company said the partnership will have three different phases.

The first phase will focus on digital transformation and curated workshops for senior officers while the later phases will focus on knowledge sessions, mentorships and technology solutions.

“Digital Cities generate a lot of data every day – data that can be meaningfully leveraged to fast track local innovations and give way to localised solutions relevant to a cityscape,” Kamal Arora, senior director, sales (govt.), Dell Technologies said.