Wipro partners with Industrie 4.0 to drive digital transformation

Wipro partners with Industrie 4.0 to drive digital transformation
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17 Sep, 2019

Wipro, the Bengaluru-based information technology services giant, has signed a strategic partnership with Germany-based Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center (i4.0MC) to promote the digital transformation of manufacturing companies.

Through this strategic partnership, Wipro consultants will leverage i4.0MC's facilities to support their clients’ digital transformation processes, said an official statement issued by Wipro.

The partnership will promote collaboration between academia and industry experts across industries such as automotive, consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, life sciences and oil and gas, said the statement. 

Wipro will work on the digital transformation journey by leveraging its advisory, consultancy, platform and application services.

By harnessing the technology infrastructure provided by the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center in Aachen, Germany, Wipro intends to support manufacturers throughout their digital transformation journeys.

Based out of the RWTH Aachen Campus, a major technical university in Germany, the I4.0MC is led by experts in the manufacturing and industrial processes.

Assessments carried out by the I4.0MC and its indices help companies control digitisation activities across the organisational chain, the statement added.

The facility uses its Industrie 4.0 maturity index to determine an industry’s stage of digitisation within the industry 4.0 programme. 

The European Commission’s ‘digital transformation monitor’ describes Industrie 4.0 as Germany’s strategic initiative to drive digital manufacturing. The programme promotes digitisation and the interconnection of products, value chains and business models. 

Industrie 4.0 programme includes solutions such as internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, cognitive computing and cyber-physical systems.

“With over 20 years of experience in Industrial Automation and Shop Floor technologies, Wipro has been a prominent Industry 4.0 implementation partner for global organisations in recent years,” said Harmeet Chauhan, senior vice president and global head, industrial and engineering services, Wipro.

“Our EngineeringNXT offerings are based on the key Industry 4.0 pillars including real-time capability, advance analytics with AI/ML, decision support systems and cyber-physical systems. This partnership will help us enable the end-to-end transformation for manufacturers led by Industry 4.0 programs...,” added Chauhan.

Earlier this year, Wipro had announced its decision to acquire International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), a digital engineering and manufacturing solutions company. The Ohio-based company’s offerings are expected to bolster Wipro’s Industry 4.0 initiatives. 

Recent developments pertaining to Industry 4.0 initiatives:

Bengaluru-based IT services firm, Microland, has been betting on its Industry 4.0 initiative to drive the company’s next phase of growth

In April, German business software giant SAP released its digital manufacturing cloud solution to encourage enterprises to adopt Industry 4.0 standards. The company said that the cloud solution would help integrate business systems and encourage the adoption of data-driven performance management.