Enterprise Tech Dispatch: India needs a formal approach to address AI risks

Enterprise Tech Dispatch: India needs a formal approach to address AI risks
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Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to the buzzword in the Indian enterprise and startup circles, with every company trying to adopt AI solutions in some form.  A PricewaterhouseCoopers report has how cautioned India to have a more formal or systematic approach to evaluate the risks associated with AI. 

The report, ‘With AI’s great power, comes great responsibility,’ highlights the importance of enterprises using AI technologies responsibly.

Over 60% of Indian businesses have adopted AI in some form and 50% chief executive officers have a blueprint to introduce AI-based solutions over the next three years, however, several companies are yet to adopt AI as an integral part of their business strategy, the report said. 

Also, 67% of the surveyed organisations were unsure of regulations and compliance associated with AI. Participants also had a sub-par understanding of data integrity. 

“To scale AI initiatives, organisations will have to ensure these solutions are ethically sound, compliant with all regulations, with a robust governance framework,” said Deepankar Sanwalka, leader- advisory, PwC India. 

The study was based on data from 1,000 CXOs between May 2019 and September 2019. 

Economic uncertainty influencing Gen Z’s career paths

Meanwhile, a report on Gen Z’s career aspirations indicated that economic uncertainty is heavily affecting their career choices. 

Generation Z or Gen Z refers to people born between the mid-1990s to mid-2000. The survey titled ‘world’s most attractive employers (WMAE)’ was conducted by consulting and research firm, Universum.

About 53% of Gen Z want security while 35% want to innovate and solve challenges plaguing the world today, the report said. 

The research was conducted across 12 countries and data came from nearly 250,000 business and engineering students.

Popular tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple are the top choice for Gen Z. Also, most students want a better work-life balance over international careers.

Additionally, trade tensions have also caused scepticism among students wanting to travel abroad, the report stated. 

World’s first robot citizen speaks about climate change in Indore 

Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen with Saudi Arabian citizenship, spoke about climate change at the International Round Square Conference in Indore, an ANI report stated.

Talking at the Emerald Heights International School at Indore, Sophia stressed that the governments of all countries need to change their policies and ideas to protect the planet. Sophia also spoke about the conservation of energy and sustainable development at the event. 

“An ideal world would be one where humans could have a more expansive understanding of time. They could remember the past so as not to repeat it," it said.

Sophia, designed by Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong, also stated that artificial intelligence will be helpful in keeping politicians and business leaders accountable.