Meet the 5 startups selected for Maruti Suzuki’s MAIL programme

Meet the 5 startups selected for Maruti Suzuki’s MAIL programme
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14 Oct, 2019

Passenger vehicle maker Maruti Suzuki will support five Indian startups under the first cohort of its Mobility & Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL) programme.

MAIL intends to drive forward ideas fuelled by innovation and a commitment to bring the very best to Indian roads, a statement from Maruti Suzuki said Monday.

A joint initiative of Maruti Suzuki and Indo-Japanese seed fund GHV Accelerator, MAIL aims to find innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the mobility & automobile space.

Five startups namely SenseGiz, Xane, Eyedentify, Enmovil and Docketrun were selected through an exercise involving a call for applications, screening and pitch sessions. 

The top three startups - SenseGiz, Xane and Eyedentify - will get an opportunity to undertake a paid Proof-of-Concept with Maruti Suzuki for actual business use, the statement added.

The initiative will also help create value additions in areas of logistics, Internet of Things (IoT)-based safety and monitoring and plug-and-play solutions.

The five startups:

SenseGiz: Belagavi-based SenseGiz Technologies is an industrial automation company that specialises in products for sensor-based condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, perimeter security and real-time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps.

Founded by Abhishek Latthe in 2013, SenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial products powered by IoT.

Xane: Gurugram-based Xane is a platform for real-time feedback using machine learning (ML) to help perform surveys like employee feedback, customer feedback and market research.

Founded by IIT-Delhi graduate Ayush Jain in 2017, Xane’s platform touts itself to be fully automated without even having to click a button to deploy it.

Eyedentify: Hyderabad-based Eyedentify builds products that help in ensuring in-vehicle security for drivers and commuters via intelligent features designed to deter offenders and alert authorities in real-time in case of an incident.

Founded by Dhushyanth Dachiraju, Krishna Karthik Jasti, Anirudh Injeti, Vinita Penmatsa, and Rajashree Jasti in 2016, Eyedentify has products including VOSS Live, an indoor video recording system, FleetSmart, a fleet management solution and DMAS, an intelligence to identify the alertness of a driver.

Enmovil: Hyderabad-based Enmovil is a data analytics platform that solves first-mile logistics problems for suppliers or organisations dependent upon in-house transportation fleets.

Founded in 2015, run by Ravi Bulusu, Nanda Kishore and Venkat Moganty, Enmovil provides solutions like predictive analysis for efficient management of fleet transportation, drivers and routes.

Docketrun: Hubballi-based Docketrun is a machine learning-enabled solution that provides application programming interfaces that help stakeholders in sectors of agriculture, retail and automobile.

Founded by Ajay Kabadi in 2017, Docketrun uses AI to deploy image processing data science in the domain of autonomous intelligence, chatbots and voice applications.