Zoho’s enterprise division ManageEngine launches PAM360 for enhanced security

Zoho’s enterprise division ManageEngine launches PAM360 for enhanced security
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17 Oct, 2019

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, has launched PAM360, a privileged access solution for security teams.

The comprehensive solution offers enterprise-grade capabilities in privileged access governance to their overall security operations including just-in-time controls and privileged user behaviour analytics (PUBA) to provide top security executives holistic visibility of their access security.

Privileged accounts give people full access to control an organisation's most valuable and confidential information such as strategic information and financial and personal information. If these accounts are not monitored properly, a rogue internal administrator or an external malicious actor can lead to destructive damage.

To counter such attacks, ManageEngine’s PAM360 will monitor and regulate access to privileged accounts. Research firm Forrester estimates that compromised privileged credentials play a crucial role in at least 80% of data breaches.

As cloud and mobile technologies are expanding the cybersecurity perimeter, PAM360 is also capable of building a central console and bring different avenues of IT management system together for deeper correlation of privileged access data with overall network data, facilitating meaningful inferences and quicker remedies.

"While enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of privileged access security, they often do not know how to build and run a complete PAM programme. Any gaps in processes or tools could derail the whole programme, making it dysfunctional," said Rajesh Ganesan, vice president, ManageEngine.

“With PAM360, we are bringing a holistic approach to not only PAM but how it contextually fits into overall operations to help our customers successfully implement privileged access security across their entire infrastructure."

PAM360 also includes privileged account governance and session monitoring and SSL/TLS certificate management, which will allow an enterprise to safeguard online brand reputation through end-to-end management of SSL certificate life cycles.