57% of enterprises betting on 5G for new revenue streams: Infosys

57% of enterprises betting on 5G for new revenue streams: Infosys
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23 Oct, 2019

As many as 57% of enterprises are betting on 5G for fresh revenue streams while 90% were actively researching 5G case studies in their portfolios or with their ecosystem partners.

The Infosys Knowledge Institute (IKI), the global research arm of Infosys, in its report, State of 5G – The Road Ahead, also showed that cost and effectiveness were the primary criteria for use case adoption with nearly 60% of the respondents agreeing to the same.

Infosys had surveyed 850 CXOs from 12 industries whose annual revenue were over $1billion in geographies such as the US, Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The study gathered empirical evidence to show how mass machine communication is expected to be the most transformed application with 5G and why data security emerges as the most critical barrier to its adoption.

Almost 50% of CXOs surveyed said they would like to use 5G as a disruption tool to drive the brand forward.

Data security was the most critical barrier to adoption with 59% of respondents stating the same while finding the right talent was a concern for 57% and device readiness for 57% of the respondents, respectively.  

In terms of challenges after deployment, maintenance of new technology and defining a roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) emerged as key challenges with 47% voting for the former and 33% voting on the latter, respectively.

System integrators are also expected to play a vital role in 5G with 50% CXOs saying they play a vital role in deployment.

“For network providers, there are significant opportunities for virtualisation, AI and automation while considerably lowering associated costs and enhancing the delivery of network-based services,” said  Nitesh Bansal, senior vice president and global head, engineering services, Infosys.