Micro Focus launches best practices model for modernisation of IT projects

Micro Focus launches best practices model for modernisation of IT projects
Photo Credit: Pixabay
20 Nov, 2019

British multinational software and IT solutions provider Micro Focus has announced a set of industry’s best practices for modernisation of projects.

The Modernisation Maturity Model has been refined through thousands of successful customer engagements to assist partners and customers in their approach towards digital transformation, the company said in a statement.

“This new model from Micro Focus provides a standard set of terms and classifications that consider viability, complexity and effort,” said Chris Livesey, Senior Vice President, Application Modernization and Connectivity, Micro Focus.

The method of functioning involves a review of the technical drivers for change, some of which include stronger and earlier alignment of stakeholders, a practical evaluation of architecture and deployment options, and an ability to build a more accurate return-on- investment assessments for all stages of the modernization journey.

The company also released the Micro Focus Modernisation solution which complements the Maturity Model. The premise of the model is to protect strategic IT investments instead of discarding them in the name of modernisation.

The Modernisation Maturity Model will act as the planning structure, while the modernisation solutions of salesforce would work as technical vehicles which customers can use as a practical framework in their digitization journey.  

 “As a long-standing Micro Focus partner, we see their Modernisation Maturity Model as valuable best-practice in helping our customers modernize their core business systems to Azure,” said Bob Ellsworth, Director Mainframe Transformation, Microsoft.

 With the Maturity Model framework, Microfocus said that it will be possible to streamline development and delivery activities by 40% and also claimed that customers could expect 50%-90% reduction in IT operations costs and a performance improvement of close to 50% for batch and online transactions.

The Maturity Model was formulated based on references to best-practice approaches which were used through modernization processes undertaken by MicroFocus over the past few years. “These approaches, or what we refer to as our modernization considerations, reflect vital project activities that have served as foundational components during countless successful Micro Focus modernisation projects,” the release stated.